Be the man women dream of!

Are You Ashamed? 

And You Actually Want To Finally Tell All The Shame Shit To Fuck off? You Really Want To Tell Women What’s All About? You Really Want To Understand Yourself And Your Position As A Man?

Because for me it feels like there’s definitely an element of our society that shames men out of wanting to meet women. Society already convinced a lot of women that they are sluts or bad persons if they just going to fuck men for fun. If a woman fucks you for fun she should feel ashamed. And you should too because you 'tricked' her into doing that. In that way she can somehow feel releaved. She was tricked into it and she does not have to feel so ashamed. Etc, etc. Is this really what you want? More over.... is this really what a woman wants? 
Don't you question why we need all this shit? How the FUCK did we get there? 
And more importantly how do we get rid of most of it. Yes, getting rid of it all is already perceived by me as impossible. And you? I mean - it's just everywhere. In advertising, in TV-shows, in the other media. Some say it's all a big plot so unhappy men and unhappy women buy lots of stuff.
And it 's a true fact that an average single has more debt than people in a steady relationship. According to sociology professor Eric Kleinenberg, singles are supporting the economy through discretionary spending that far exceeds both married couples and their parents. Survey's also show that he or she has also bought more stuff that in the present is just felt as useless for him or her.

And somehow every year there are more and more single men and women.
Fuck that shit.
Yeah, you could say that's literally one of the solutions ;-)  
Only serious now, what about you? 
You really want to tell all the shame shit to fuck off? You really want to tell women what’s all about? You really want to understand yourself and your position as a man? Only how. How can a rational man have any good arguments against all the continuous shit that's poored over him? How he can simply relate to any woman in a simple way so he and she can feel both releaved of society's pressure? How? 
Of course I am not sending out this newsletter for nothing. I have happy news for you.
Johnny Soporno will be doing a seminar for you in Amsterdam. And he will be speaking for more than 6 hours!
Johnny was chosen as the best speaker by 250 people in 2008 at the Real Man Conference. And he can tell you all about the how...and more. Much, much more. 
Soporno is of course a trashy name. And even while he's looks like totally crazy. Look he's actually walking around with horns on his head. Yeah, I am not shitting you here. And still this guy actually really has something good to say. Really.
Johnny is 1 of the most intelligent, funny and well spoken guys I’ve ever met.
And still I don’t even like the guy. The thing with the horns, the name Soporno, his relationship with a porn star. It all sends the message “Look at me, I am so free”. It’s all a bit too much for me. Just be free, okay. For example - why you need horns for that? Too show you’re really horny ;-) or something. For me that’s all a really bad sleazy show. And it does take a lot away from a really good message. And that is the real shame of it for me.
Only there are actually 2 good things coming from this “ Soporno show”
1. Do you feel sometimes imprisoned by society and things you feel obliged to do?
Then you could actually learn a lot from Johnny Soporno. A new way of thinking, and actually he’s also quite enjoyable to listen to.

2. You can see him for 6 hours for only 125 euros (Saturday 11. May 2013 between 12:00 – 22:00 hours including breaks - American Hotel Leidseplein Amsterdam)
That’s because the guy has been so outrageous with his name and his lifestyle, no normal conference or publisher would ever touch this guy. Else he would probably be in the range of 500 euros for 6 hours at least. Being up there with Brian Tracey and Anthony Robbins. For me his speaker ability is just that good. 
And else there are others saying the same as me about Johnny too. 
Now, All of you know the big effect Johnny has had on me 
"As for Johnny, I learned a lot of stuff from this guy. I'm talking lightbulb moments every 30 minutes. We would be conversing and he would say something about women and life that would stop me in my tracks. I would think, Wow, he's right. I never thought about that before. This guy knows women."

Zan Perrion ~ 
I would also find his material hard to believe if I hadn't seen it myself. It's so counter to our social conditioning that it really takes a while to digest and assimilate. Fortunately I had the chance to talk to a woman he approached and to get the straight story from her, which matched everything Johnny had said.
Steve Pavlina:
Now please don’t take my and their word for it. Check it out yourself and order your ticket. If you think it wasn’t worth it, just tell me afterwards. I will return your money right there on the spot.
And merging with the great learning opportunity -  there’s also the fact that you’re in Amsterdam. Enjoy the nightlife there, and the girls on the street (every day shops are opened in Amsterdam). And there's more.
You could do this with some very useful info under your belt. Use it wisely....